School Return Reminder for 2021 (Model C)

All students (grades K to 12) except those enrolled in our remote school (AMRLS) return to school online on January 4 with contact from their teacher, and full learning online on Tuesday, January 5.  AMRLS students begin learning on Monday as usual. 

Monday, January 4: 

  • Devices will be handed out by the school to those who requested to borrow one. If you have questions about borrowing a device, please call the school office beginning Monday. 
  • Teachers/support staff will reach out to students to outline details for online learning.
  • Regular day of instruction for remote learning (AMRLS) students. 

Tuesday, January 5:

  • Regular instruction begins.
  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each day. 

Elementary students (grades K to 8) return to class in person on Monday, January 11 (this includes 7/8 students who attend 7-12 schools), and secondary students (grades 9 to 12) return on Monday, January 25. 

For full details and more information please visit or contact SDSS.

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