Naturalization Project

Last school year the Eco Club, in collaboration with Green Industries, began a Naturalization project to improve the front yard of our school. We would like to provide a summary of this project to you so that the SDSS community is more aware of the ongoing environmental initiatives. 

The team working on the Naturalization project first planned to take the flat and open area where the portables used to be, and turn it into an eventually self-sustaining nature area. This plan encompassed the eastern corner, south side and front loop of the school. Moving into this school year, we began to implement our plan. With financial support from Stratfords’ Municipal Energy and Environment committee, the Eco Club planted 10 trees and 3 shrubs in the front yard. In the spring we plan on planting more trees, distributing mulch around the trees, and planting pollinator friendlier / native flowers. 

Earlier this year the Eco Club applied to the Youth In Action Grant program from the United Way. Recently we received the news that we were accepted! This money will go towards the trees and flowers to be planted in the spring of 2022. 

The Eco Club hopes that this area will be used by the students and staff of our school community, as a space for your classes to learn and spend time outdoors.

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Green Industries

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