Culinary Club Dinner - October 17

The Culinary Club along with the Green Industries program are proud to present the first CC Dinner of the year.
Taking place Oct 17, this is a collaborative meal featuring the fruits, vegetables and hens of Silver Creek Nursery.  Art for the menu is by SDSS students Paul Bohner, Emma White and Matilda Sarichith.
To reserve email: [email protected]  Seats will be available at 5 and 5:30.
The owners of Silver Creek are NWSS grads and are doing extremely important work as far as biodiversity in agriculture goes.  Look through their catalog of available plants and you will find some 80 varieties of apple alone.  
Our classes travelled to the nursery as part of a trip supported by SHSM. We were able to pick apples and pears, learn about grafting and taste a wide variety of fruit - some of which will be making it into this meal.  In addition we will be presenting dishes highlighting the diversity of Silver Creek’s plants - forgotten vegetables like Skerrit, amazing Asian pears, Haskap berries, sour cherries and more…
Seating will be limited to 5 and 5:30.  After that, the staff of Silver Creek along with Culinary Club members and some members of the Eco Club will be sitting down for a long table meal and breaking bread together and reflecting on the project.  
Tickets are $40, gratuities will go to the school pantry.
culinary club dinner