Visual Arts

Photos from Grade 12 Art Show

Woven, the culminating grade 12 art show, by our talented artists at SSES hosted a packed opening on Friday, January 17th in collaboration with Gallery Stratford and its offsite space called Site. Over 135 people attended the weekend opening to view the student art work. A huge thanks to Angela Brayham and her staff at volunteers who made the show such a huge success. The show will be up for viewing until February 2.

Gr 12 Art Show – January 17

The grade 12 art show will take place at Site, Gallery Stratford’s space in the Marketsquare uptown. Opening night is Friday, January 17, 2020. Save the date!

Clay Creature Mugs

Mrs. Carter's grade nines have completed their ceramic mugs! The building process challenged their creativity, but their successes were many.

Figure Drawing

Work from Mrs. Zorgdrager’s Grade 11 figure drawing class. The students in this class have been exploring the use of a wide variety of media while applying the rules of proportion to their work.

Art Gallery – Mrs. Carter’s classes

Artists have been creating selfies since the dawn of photography. The largest difference between the self-portrait and the modern selfie is the amount of thought that went into their creation. Grade 11s explored the concept of portraiture and aimed to communicate the psychology of colour within these creations.

Students are tasked to the creative challenge to develop patterns and explore how it can be designed to establish value.

Inktober! Caught in the moment of sketching the topic of “wild” for October’s drawing challenge.

Grade 11 Figure Drawing

Grade 11 Figure Drawing students completed tonal studies while reviewing proportions of the body to complete the following mannequin drawings.
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