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Subject Specific Resources


Galileo Investigations logo. educational network.
Galileo Math Investigations. Inquiries students can investigate on their own or in small groups.
Nrich logo. "nrich. enriching mathematics"
Excellent source of high order math problems for Secondary students. Games and math-inspired activities to keep your brain fired up!
PhET interactive simulations logo
Interactive math, physics, chemistry, earth science and biology simulations. Learn through exploration and discovery with PhET's intuitive, game-like sims.
TVO Mathify logo
Build your confidence and skills with your own math tutor and coach. Free tutors are available Monday to Friday and Sunday.

Coding and Programming

Scratch program logo
An online tool that allows students to explore coding, create stories, games and animations.  Learners are encouraged to think creatively and work collaboratively. 

Geography and History

National Geographic Learning logo
A curated collection of videos and activities. Explore the planet through interactives and short lessons or take a deeper dive into a subject area with a complete unit.

The Arts

MusiCounts logo. "Enlighten. Empower. Elevate"
Stay in tune with the latest resources and conversations around music education in Canada.
ArtShine logo
Visual Arts tutorials in English and French
arts at home
Explore all of Toronto's different art sectors: dance, media, theatre, etc.