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SHSM Sign Up & Info

SHSM programs at SDSS are designed to help you choose your future pathway & give you advantages when pursuing a career or post secondary options! Read more....

Co-op News

SDSS Cooperative Education student Jaymie Riehl in action training a young gelding horse for Meadow Lynn Farms. #sdsscoop #cooperative education works

Mid Term Reports

Mid-term Report Cards will be available in the Student Portal on Friday, November 19th. Click for more information about dropping courses.

Grade 10 Green Industries

Green Industries hard at work preparing the grow bed for fish, transplanting basil, and unloading honeycomb for processing.

History you can taste

Studying the role of Canadians during WWI via food #historymatters #christineritsma

Collection of materials & devices

Welcome Back Golden Bears!
Please return any materials, equipment, books or devices that were borrowed from the school. Thank you!
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