Green Industries


Students develop knowledge and skills related to agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and landscaping.

THJ2O Green Industries trip to Wildwood

Thanks to Erin from UTRCA for educating our Grade 10 Green Industries class on stream, forest, and meadow ecosystems. #sdssnewdigs #sdss #shsm

Grade 10 Green Industries

Green Industries hard at work preparing the grow bed for fish, transplanting basil, and unloading honeycomb for processing.

Busy in Green Industries

Students adding plants to our greenhouse nursery, dividing ferns, and fertilizing maple trees. Getting ready for fall! #sdssnewdigs

New Digs greenhouse renovations

Ms. Ritsma thanks Mr. Britton's Grade 11/12 Welding class for putting together the new work benches in the New Digs greenhouse. Also a shoutout to the Elizabeth Klockman grant for funding this project and Paul Boers Manufacturing for building these benches.
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