January Newsletter

SDSS January Newsletter (Jan 11-2020)

Greetings from Stratford District Secondary School.   The school would like to update parents/families on the following items:

  1. A) Return to School

As of today, we are projected to have all students return to SDSS on Monday January 25th unless we learn otherwise from the provincial government.

At this time (during the next 2 weeks), SDSS is providing face to face learning for a number of students with exceptional (complex) learning needs as per Ministry of Education direction.

  1. B) Attendance

Attending school is important.  Please contact the school if your son/daughter is ill and cannot participate in school for that day preferably before 8:30 am.   Attendance will be taken by teachers and submitted to the office no later than 9:30 am each day.

  1. C) Semester 2 - Quads will continue

The Avon Maitland District School Board will continue with quads when semester 2 begins on Feb 3/2021.  Period 1 and period 2 classes will operate in quad 3.  Period 3 and Period 4 classes will operate during quad 4 to finish out the school year.

  1. D) Opting Out of Synchronous (On-Line) Learning

At this time and until at least January 25/2021 students at SDSS are learning remotely in their classes.  Students/teachers are to spend 225 minutes per day engaged in synchronous learning on-line.   If students are struggling with this type of learning and wish to opt out of this delivery method then a parent/guardian must notify the Principal (Kevin Mills) in writing.  Please use the following email to do so:  kevin.mills@ed.amdsb.ca   Students will be expected to continue with their classes by accessing learning materials in their google classrooms according to a schedule that best meets their learning needs.   Students will not have access to their teacher during the bulk of the school day but may email their teachers with questions/concerns.  Teachers will respond when they can.   

  1. E) Assessment and Evaluation

Unlike last spring,  evidence collected by teachers (tests, projects, reports, observation, conversation etc..) that demonstrates learning during on-line learning will be used to determine a final grade in courses.  Students are asked to persevere and remain engaged in classes as it is in their best academic interests to do so.

  1. F) SDSS School Council

The School Council (Parent Council) will meet virtually starting this month and will continue to do so until further notice.  

Parents/guardians should be receiving a school phone message in the days to come regarding registering to attend the virtual meeting on January 19th.  That message is as follows:

"The date for the next virtual school council meeting is Tuesday January 19th at 6:30 pm.  If you would like to attend this virtual meeting please access the Parents Link on the SDSS website and access the email link to the Parent Council to register for this meeting.  You will receive an email with a link to the meeting at a later date." 

  1. G) Courses - next semester and for Sept 2021

SDSS recognizes that some students may wish to change their timetables for semester 2.  If so please contact Guidance at the school to speak with a counselor.

Likewise, SDSS has begun the process to organize the school for the 2021-2022 school year.  A large part of that process involves students selecting courses for the following year.  Guidance will be in touch with students in the weeks to come regarding a process.  Please watch for this information especially if we are still in a remote learning (model C) delivery mode.


Our society continues to live in challenging times.  I congratulate all the students and teachers who have pivoted to on-line learning.  That transition appears to have gone well.  Hopefully, we are all back in the building on January 25th.   In the meantime, make good choices and stay safe folks.

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