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Self Harm

These websites and apps can help you to regain control over your mental health in one way or the other and improve your quality of life.   Whatever you do, do not go it alone, seek help from trained and qualified professionals and use these sites to help you master your thoughts and overcome urges to self-harm and suicidal tendencies.

Find calm.  This site is designed to encourage you to spend 2 minutes doing nothing but relaxing. 
A calming resource that guides you through the process of breathing mindfully. 
If you are 18+, worried and stressed out about your mental health, concentration, and confidence, the Feeling Good app can help you to restore calm, concentration, confidence, and self-esteem.
Stress and anxiety are daily life occurrences for many. Learning how to manage your work-related stress can be a life-changer. Stress & Anxiety Companion app helps you to deal with your stress and anxiety on the go in a fun and easy way.

The urge to self-harm is like a wave. It feels the most powerful when you start wanting to do it.

Learn to ride the wave with the free Calm Harm app by choosing activities to help you. Get the app.

Music has been proven to have a calming effect. This is the reason why many self-harm and suicide prevention apps feature different forms of music therapy. The Cove app lets you journal your moods via music.